Episode 2: Naval Prehistory and the Bronze Age

NHP Episode 2: Naval Prehistory and the Bronze Age

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  1. sloejelley says:


    You mentioned ib Holley in one of your podcasts. My father had his as a professor his freshmen year at duke–which was also holley’s first year teaching. Later, my sister sought him out when she was a freshman at duke, and he actually remembered my father–even though it had been around 45 years since they had last talked.

    Holley’s methodology for analyzing and hypotheses acceptance and rejection would be the backbone to my father’s entire academic career, from freshman at duke, to a masters at Georgetown and a PhD studying a tribe of headhunters in Taiwan.

    I’m sure it also served him well while he served in the marines and later when he taught at a local university.

    Just thought if relate that story. I told my father about your podcast and that I heard you reference Holley and it made him really happy to recollect his time with the great man.

    Oh, and is there going to be an episode three? This podcast is right up there with dan carlin’s hardcore history in my book–with just a few more episodes, I think it could really take off with history fans such as myself.

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