Notes for Episode 2

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The Fertile Crescent.

Indus Valley Civilization.

The Khufu Ship.

Mycenaean Greece and Minoan Civilization.

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4 Responses to Notes for Episode 2

  1. EastwoodDC says:

    I like what I hear so far, and I’m looking forward to more.

  2. EastwoodDC says:

    Suggestion: If you make some postcard (landscape) images to go along with the episode notes, this will be more attractive when shared online. Tall (portrait) style images don’t fit so nicely on a screen:

  3. Namehere says:

    First of all, wanted to say that I am loving the podcast so far. You have a really slick style of presentation and your episodes are obviously really well researched.
    One thing that’s sticking out to me, why no mention of China? Off the top of my head, Zheng He comes to mind as a particularly notable naval figure from Chinese history. In addition to him you have the treasure fleet as well as widespread piracy through the medieval period. I’m guessing your focus is going to be much more on Western maritime history (which, to be clear, is totally fine with me), but I think it would be prudent to at least acknowledge the existence of Chinese naval power.
    All that being said, thanks for the really good content you’re making.

  4. Caligula says:

    Great Episode. When can we expect the next one?

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