Episode 3: A Tale of Two Civilizations: Phoenicia, Greece, and the Rise of the Trireme

NHP Episode 3: A Tale of Two Civilizations: Phoenicia, Greece, and the Rise of the Trireme

Episode 3 in Production

Hi all,

It’s been both gratifying and a bit unnerving to have so many people clamoring for more! You’ll all be happy to know that Episode 3 is in production. I had a couple of big, and totally unexpected, projects pop up during the fall semester that really derailed my plans, and then I had to spend most of break clearing my desk of all the other things that I had to put on hold along with NHP. But now things are starting to settle down. I’ve got about half the research done for Episode 3, so with any luck It will be out some time this month. Again, thanks for your interest!

Fair winds and following seas,

Buckner F. Melton, Jr.

Notes for Episode 2

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The Fertile Crescent.

Indus Valley Civilization.

The Khufu Ship.

Mycenaean Greece and Minoan Civilization.

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